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Happy belated Chinese New Year to everyone! Sorry this is a bit delayed but I wish you all a healthy, happy, successful year of the rat. In light of all the global issues going on it’s been a tough start to the year but let’s continue to hope and pray for the safety of everyone. 祝大家新年快乐! 抱歉,这個祝賀有点迟了,但是仍然要祝福大家健康,快乐,鼠年行大运! 虽然因为全球性的肺炎问题,今年有了个艰难的开始,但让我们继续为所有人的健康祈祷。

Just this month, I’m really proud of my team at Supreme6ix for receiving the Centurion award. We couldn’t have achieved this goal without the collaborative effort from everyone on the team! I’d also like to welcome our newest member, Nancy, coming all the way from Vancouver. She is super friendly and sociable so feel free to DM her on her (IG: the.whole.package) if you have any real estate related questions! 就在这个月,我创办的Supreme6ix团队获得金人奖(Centurion award, 最高销售成绩奖),我感到相当自豪。没有所有人的共同努力,我们就无法实现这一目标。我还要欢迎我们的最新成员Nancy从温哥华远道而来加入我们的团队。她超级友善,容易交朋友,如果您有任何与房地产相关的问题,可以随时与她联系(IG:the.whole.package)!

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