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Market Growth

Strong Markets with Solid Job Growth

We invest in growing markets with strong job and population growth indicators and rising job diversity. These factors allow us to benefit from increased rental demand and market appreciation.

Cash-Flowing Real Estate Assets

Cash-Flowing Real Estate Assets

We invest in real estate assets that generate immediate cash flow, allowing us to mitigate the overall risk for us and our investors in order to cover the debt service and expenses from Day One!

Multifamily Investments

Multifamily Investments

We invest in high-quality, recession-proof A and B Class apartment communities with 12 or more units. Investments in this asset class tend to be lower risk with than a 1% default rate and it’s Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) insured.

Value Add Potential

Value Add

We look for value-add potential in addition to cash flow, which allows us to make strategic improvements, increase efficiencies, and raise the Net Operating Income in order to increase the overall value of the property.




We find the deals, perform extensive due diligence and negotiate the deal. Our asset management team will then create a comprehensive 3-5 year business plan of the asset.


Asset Management

  • Make strategic interior and exterior capital improvements
  • Create Operational Efficiencies to improve the assets net operating income
  • Manage the financials of the building by ensure
  • Rebrand to attract quality tenants and higher rents
  • While we do the heavy lifting, investors enjoy passive income and tax benefits


Property Management

  • Tenant Management
  • Tenant Selection, qualification and tenancy placement
  • Staff Management
  • Building Management
  • Renovations
  • Day-to-day Operations



  • After the property is successfully renovated and rebranded, the property is appraised at a higher valuation.
  • Investors get a significant return of capital and continue to collect passive income.



  • Monitor the market to position the property for a sale.
  • Upon the sale, investors get their remaining capital plus a share of the profits.


Hands-off Ownership

We remove the unexpected headaches that come with homeownership. From finding the deals, to negotiating the deal, securing financing, managing renovations, dealing with tenant issues to juggling maintenance—we handle all the details, so our partners can just sit back and reap all the benefits of investing in rea estate (cash flow, equity appreciation and tax benefits) without the time commitments needed to be a landlord.

Expert Co-owners

We’re in this together, both as investors and expert partners. Unlike other investments we share in both the rewards and risk by investing alongside you. We only make money when you do! Did we mention investors are paid first, before we are paid out?

Tangible Investing

By investing in real estate and land, owners are investing into something that is tangible. Something they can see, feel and touch. Something they can drive to and show their friends and family. This is an investment you’ll be proud to own.

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